5 Key Items That Should Be in Every Girls' Closet

Latanya E

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We can all recall times when we wanted to hit the road with friends or just get out of the house for some quiet outdoor time, but can’t seem to find anything to wear, even though our closet is overflowing with clothes. This may cause frustration at times. It may feel like every piece of clothing we have has outlived its purpose and is just occupying space. Our closet seems to have lost its spark and the excitement of getting dressed up has gone. The eagerness to take the perfect selfie had flown through the window.

Here are a few items that every closet should have to help you to create a whole new look. These items are great for wearing with the clothes you already have, as it gives them a look and a feel that is shiny and new. You can even recreate an entire outfit by incorporating one or more of these key elements. This will make you feel good and look good while sticking to a budget! The spark you had when you first purchased your clothes will be rekindled!

Key Item #1: Ripped Jeans

Jeans are pieces of clothing that everyone has and everyone loves! They are one of the most comfortable and extremely versatile clothing anyone can own. They can be worn almost anywhere and fits almost any type of mood. Jeans can be used to make a unique fashion statement, even if the jeans itself isn’t. There is just something very appealing in seeing the ruffles and frayed areas on jeans. Not only that, but jeans are one piece of clothing that everyone can rock! Whether you are slim, curvy or plus size. We can all look great and feel great. While being aware of the occasion, one can easily create an outfit that looks and feels great. The rips themselves are stylish and attention-grabbing, so finding a top to compliment is the easiest thing ever. A plain top can easily fit well with one, or if you want to pop, a bright or multicolored top with or without patterns can easily make you look flawless. Finding a pair of shoe to wear is also no problem as sneakers, sandals, slippers, heels all go well with the jeans. It is all up to you and the occasion that you are dressing for. There is no way one cannot look good in ripped jeans, whether it is new or old.

Key Item #2: Cardigan

Having a cardigan is absolutely the best thing a woman can do for herself. A cardigan is one piece of clothing every woman has or should have in her closet. Even if you have never worn it, it is or should be in there somewhere. The great thing about cardigans is that they are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. I don’t think there is a color that a cardigan is not made in. They also come in amazing styles with unique prints. They fit all body types, which is amazing, and can make any outfit pop! It is very hard to go wrong with a cardigan.

Key Item #3: Hat

Hats hats and more hats! Everywhere you turn there is someone in a hat! It has been said that hats are making a comeback, but if you asked me, they never left! If you don’t have a hat that you are truly in love with, or at least have one hanging somewhere in your closet or stuffed in a drawer, then you are truly missing out. Not having a hat puts you at such a disadvantage as it is a key item to have to save your outfit when you feel all hope is lost. Hats are fashionable and add a touch of class to the outfit. It is also great to provide shade during those sunny days that we love and hate at the same time. It is also effective against the wind, rain, cold temperatures, and a lifesaver for those not so great hair days.

Not to have a hat is such a loss. They can completely change your look for eeek….to sheek! They should honestly be called a girls’ best friend. A hat can completely change the frame of your face. It makes you more attractive and can give hints towards your personality. This makes it great for those first impressions or first dates where you want to give a hint of your personality. A good hat is also good for your confidence. It can make you slay from head to toe….literally.

A great tip for selecting a hat, especially if you don’t plan on getting more than one or two, is to select one that can be worn with multiple outfits. Colors such as grey, nude, black or white will do perfectly. But please don’t think I am saying that brightly colored hats are a no-no. Most definitely not, bright colors are magical and can give you that bold look that most people desire.

Key Item #4: Scarf

A scarf is probably the most versatile piece of item a woman can have. It can be used for practically anything. They are always in style and does the most for your outfit. Although many people think scarfs are mostly light, flowy cloth that is more of a bother than anything else, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Scarfs have evolved and are constantly evolving. They are now worn and accepted in numerous settings. A lot of people use it during the winter to keep their neck warm, as well as to protect the head from the heat. It is also used by many women as head ties to protect the hair and keep it clean, as neckties, bag accessories, belt substitute and so much more. It is used for numerous fashion purposes as well as for religious purposes. Its many uses are numerous and would need an article for itself.

Scarfs are available in many sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes. They are also made from numerous materials such as wool, cotton, silk, satin, acrylic, linen and so much more. Its many uses depend on what it is made from and its appearance, but one thing for sure it that it does enhance your entire look drastically! It is a perfect item for a fashion statement.

Key Item #5: Jackets

Waaay back then, jackets were seen formal, big, chunky and boring….but things and times have changed and now they are one of the key pieces of items every woman must-have. Jackets have certainly changed the game and are now one of the major players in the league. While the big chunky jackets still exist and are still doing their thing, especially in the winter, the rest of them are out here setting trends and a lot of people are seen making fashion statements in them. There is absolutely no reason why you should not have a jacket because there are too many reasons why you should.

The best thing about a jacket is that you can throw it on over anything and in an instant start slaying. Whether it be a dress, and jeans or a skirt with a top or even a t-shirt, that jacket will work wonders before your eyes and everyone else. This is especially great for persons who are always on the run. There are jackets out there for all shape and sizes.

The Holy Grail of jackets is jeans jackets. There are so many versions of the denim jackets that it would also need an article to itself. If you ask me, a jeans jacket is a staple in everyone’s closet and has earned its place there. Its versatility is like no other and it is extremely durable.