7 ideal summer outfits for modern women

Fiona Mai

Freelance writer with a customised approach to writing


Summer is the perfect season to get creative with your fashion style. When the flowers bloom and the day is bright, it’s time you put on colourful outfits that make you stand out from the crowd.

Each summer, while a wide variety of outfits with different shapes and sizes is introduced to consumers, modern women demand not only style but also comfort in these outfits so as to help them maintain an active life. Therefore, these summer outfits should look appropriate enough for modern women to wear in the workplace, feel breathable enough to keep them from sweating in the hot weather, as well as fit their body shapes well enough to highlight their own unique beauty.

For ladies who are looking for some inspiration to dress beautifully while feeling comfortable in the summer, I have made a list of four ideal summer outfits for modern women below for your reference.

Sandals and a colourful dress

Simple yet comfortable, a pair of sandals is what you definitely should possess when the weather gets warm. Whereas sandals are flexible enough to be combined with shorts, jeans or skirts, they go best with a colourful dress to elevate your summer mood. As this outfit looks especially great on the beach, remember to bring it along if you have already booked a seaside vacation.

Basic shorts and a flowery blouse

Don’t be shy to show the world how vibrant you are with such an outstanding outfit! Shorts are great to wear when you meet up with your gals, go shopping or just go for a walk. Moreover, nothing signals the summer’s arrival better than a pretty flowery blouse.

Bright-colored jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt

Jeans are so versatile that they can make great outfits in all seasons! They are popular in the summer, too. Jeans are stretchy, easy to match with other items and help you show your body curves at the same time. For those who opt for a simple yet timeless style, a sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of bright-colored jeans is the best outfit to get modish and comfortable in the summer.

Ankle boots and a simple dress

One cool thing about ankle boots is that while they are most popular when the weather gets cold, you can still wear them in the summer to create a confident and chic look as well. How about matching a white pair of boots with a chequered dress?

A long plain skirt

Summertime is a good season for wearing skirts. Although short skirts are more popular in the summer, a plain long skirt made with lightweight cloth is perhaps what you will fall in love with this season. You can combine this type of simple skirt with a plain T-shirt to create a basic yet free-spirited look.

Choose suitable summer outfits for modern women

As life gets busier nowadays, summer outfits for modern women also need to be both trendy and comfy. By matching popular summer items wisely, the four suggestions above can help you find a stylish look for yourself that also showcases your personality and helps you get through your day comfortably.