Athletic Fashion – Multidimensional Future For Style?

Yash Anand

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The year 2019 has certainly been an eventful one in terms of fashion, and out of the several dominating trends, athletic fashion is one that has truly managed to stay consistently relevant. Not only has it redefined the traditional style norms, but it has also paved the way for a multidimensional future for style, adding yet another concept to our fashion jargon. The plethora of different activewear, accessories, and other “style apparatus” in this niche have made it a truly vibrant fashion domain.

Earlier on, the concept of wearing workout clothes to work might’ve been considered absurd or even “unprofessional”, however, today there’s an increasing number of people who find wearing fashionable activewear to work to be commonplace! This is yet another instance wherein athletic fashion has managed to blur the lines between two distinct fashion segments, that too in quite an unapologetic manner!

According to a statement given by New -York-based designer Rebecca Minkoff to the Huffington Post, there’s a demographic of girls that want to look like they work out, or that they can work out, and that it’s a newer alternative to the usual places where athletic clothing is worn, which is an indicator that the trend seems to be gaining momentum over.


What exactly is Athletic Fashion?

To sum it all up, athletic fashion, also known as “athleisure” can be defined as a fabricated style that is typically curated for athletic or physical activities but can also be doubled as everyday wear. It is comfortable, modern and convenient, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a fashionista to put together an athleisure outfit.  

How did Athletic Fashion come into existence?

The term “sportswear” or “activewear” gained popularity in the early 19th century, when a need for more comfortable clothing that provided mobility and flexibility arose. This type of clothing was primarily required for physical activities like tennis or croquet. It is around this time that bathing suits, cycling costumes, bloomers, and short skirts also started trending. British designer John Redfern started designing tailored garments for active women who took part in a plethora of physical activities such as horse riding, archery, and tennis. Even though Redfern’s designs were specifically curated for physical activities, his clients started sporting them as everyday wear because of how comfortable and convenient they were. Today, this trend is more commonly known as “athletic fashion’, which encompasses a broad spectrum of different apparel categories. Whether it is a zipper jacket for a morning walk, a pair of comfy leggings for a house party, or some track joggers for a movie outing, athleisure wear offers a plethora of choices for a person who seeks varying outfits for varying casual outings!

 Athletic fashion trends of 2019-

Let’s have a look at some of the popular and noteworthy athletic fashion trends that have created much hype in 2019-

Animal Prints:

There’s a raw beauty in bearing an animalistic essence. Various prints like leopard print, tiger print, and cheetah print were hot favorites in activewear clothing this summer. Fashion powerhouses like Gucci and Voltaire have effectively harnessed the trend by clothing their runway models with such electrifying and alluring prints.

Metallic Prints:

These prints offer a classy monotone to any athletic attire. Due to their sleek design and sheen, metallic printed shorts, sports bras, and leggings attain a futuristic look. These prints are available in several shades of black, metallic grey, white, and ochre. Not only can these be worn to the gym but they can also be paired with bomber jackets, basic tees, and spaghetti tops to achieve the perfect “night out” look.  

 Oversized sweatsuits:

Wearing oversized sweatsuits has certainly been a raving trend this year as numerous celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted sporting the oversized sweatsuit look. Oversized sweatsuits are not only extremely comfortable but can also be paired with almost anything, and everything! They are baggy, casual, and roomy, and one could even fall asleep in them.

Bike shorts:

This is yet another trend that has regained momentum this summer. This look was primarily sported by Princess Diana, however, it has made a comeback as A-Listers like the Kardashians have paved the way for its reintroduction. On multiple occasions, they’ve been spotted wearing bike shorts with oversized hoodies and sweatshirts. Who would’ve thought that the shorts worn during cycling sessions could be as versatile! Not only can these shorts be combined with oversized hoodies or sweatshirts, but they can also be coupled with tank tops, crop tops or flared jackets. Put on some cycling sunglasses (yes, they too are a huge thing now!) and you have the recipe for the perfect look.

Highwaist Workout leggings/ Yoga pants:

Workout leggings/ yoga pants have been trending as of recently as we often see models, influencers and celebrities sporting them. Whether it is to the gym or the movies, one can seldom go wrong with leggings or yoga pants. They’re easy to work with and look good on almost every body type. In addition to that, they not only provide comfort and flexibility during more athletic activities such as cycling, hiking, jogging, etc but can also make anyone look more fashionably dressed.

Matching activewear sets-

Wearing matching activewear is one trend that has been greatly adopted by various celebrities in 2019. Matching activewear sets are a safe bet when one isn’t sure on how to put together an athleisure outfit. This year, numerous celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Jenner have been spotted wearing matching activewear sets in and about tinsel town.

High-neck sports bra

No shirt? No problem! High neck sports bras have made a comeback this year. Top models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Winnie Harlow have been spotted donning the high-neck sports bra look multiple times throughout the year. Not only do high-neck sports bras look great by themselves, but they also look great under tank tops or sheer tees. What’s more, is that they’re perfect for keeping everything in place during workouts or when running errands! High-neck sports bras offer full functionality as they provide support and also look trendy and can be teamed up with just about anything.  

Since its initial days of being an elastic set of yoga pants, this activewear trend has infiltrated all known niches of fashion and has also managed to disrupt the industry in inconceivable ways. It has been able to “loosen up” style while still maintaining an optimal balance of elegance and sportiness!

With so many convention-defying feats being accomplished by athletic fashion, it seems quite plausible to assume that this segment will be a point of divergence in the industry, it could give rise to a whole new perspective on style! And maybe, the future for style might be more multi-dimensional than we can currently fathom!