Fashion on a Low Budget

Michelle Marie Cassar

Michelle Cassar is a Malta based Pharmacist by profession but a writer and traveler by passion. She writes about anything that seems interesting especially traveling, medical blog posts as well as promotional content for innovative products. She is also dabbling in script writing.

How many times do we open the wardrobe and say to ourselves: “I have nothing to wear!”? I'm sure we do it at least once a week. But if you think about it, the problem is that you are tired of wearing the same clothes not that you really do not have enough outfits.


Changing Trends

Every season, new clothes come into fashion, therefore, last year's clothes become old news. You might have only worn that shirt once since you bought it, but it feels old because it is out of fashion this year. That already starts cutting down the number of usable clothing in your wardrobe. Some items might not fit well from year to year due to weight changes, therefore another bundle of clothes that has to be thrown out. Torn clothes are not suitable to be used either. This means that you will end up with half the clothes you started with. Replenishing your wardrobe is a costly feat, especially if other living expenses have to take priority.

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

Upcycling Clothes

If you do not have enough money to restock your wardrobe every season, upcycling is a great way to save money and reuse perfectly good clothes. Minor alterations to a garment will make a huge difference in how that garment looks and feels on you. You do not have to be a professional seamstress to alter clothes. A quick search on social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest or on YouTube can get you a fresh looking wardrobe in a few hours. Your boyfriend is throwing away a large shirt? Why not turn it into a cute dress? Your favourite pair of jeans have a tear? Cut it up to get a new trendy pair of shorts. A hole in an old jacket? Some lace, a piece of thread, a needle and you're good to go. You can make a plain shirt sparkle by adding some glitter using some fabric glue. In no time you get a new wardrobe.

Photo by Olesia Buyar on Unsplash

Altering clothes like this saves you money as well as make you feel like you have new clothes. Simply dying a shirt a different colour or cutting up an old pair of pants helps you feel like you just emptied your bank account on a shopping spree without touching a cent.


Choosing Versatile Clothes

If you have to buy something new, basic clothes are more versatile and stay in fashion longer. On one can challenge the usefulness and versatility of the LBD. Choosing natural colours in your clothing also helps with having more options for different outfits using the same clothes. Scarves are also very good options to buy as they can be used as accessories or a garment by simply tying a knot. The internet is a goldmine at finding ideas on how to turn a scarf into a shirt or a dress by simply trying it at the right place.

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

You do not have to break the bank to enjoy wearing your clothes. Yes, last year's clothes might feel old and overused but a simple alteration can make that garment feel new and fresh.