How to dress Bohemian – Style tips.

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Non-conformist, beatnik, free-spirited, unconventional and artistic are the terms that define a bohemian person. And this is what should be portrayed in bohemian styling too. If you are an unconventional person, artistic and free-spirited and do not go well around with the societal norms of fashion, then, bohemian fashion is for you. Do you want to flaunt your free-spirited personality through fashion? These 9 points would help you do that.

Go for earthy tones.

Bohemian fashion is all about going natural in your way and the colors we use play a very important part of the complete look. To give your outfit a bohemian look one must incorporate earthy tones like shades of brown, beige, green, grey, mustard, etc. A few colors can particularly have several tones to each of them and that is how we need to experiment with them. To create a boho look, matching color combinations is not how we should be doing it. Instead, boho styling is all about unexpected color combinations which should not match to each other but rather be complementary in a unique way. For instance, a beige dress could be paired with brown sandals, a multicolored scarf, and oxidized gold jewelry.

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Choose artistic as well as vintage.

Art is what is Bohemian fashion all inspired from and adding vintage pieces to it is what makes it unique and exquisite. The look we create should be artistic and creative. Different types of embroidery and prints can help you combine art and vintage. Accessories play a huge part in making the look artistic. It could be by going overboard on silver jewelry. Old jewelry pieces can be used to achieve a look like this.

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All about being unstructured.

Bohemian fashion is all about being unstructured, basically lacking uniformity. It could be by adding ill-fitted styles, flowy silhouettes, or even by multi-layering different clothing pieces. Unstructured does not only relate to the attire like old and new pieces of jewelry can be worn together and messy hairstyles can be used to flaunt a comfortable yet stylish look. For instance, a flowy maxi dress can be layered up with a rugged denim jacket and lots of bangles and necklaces can be worn to make it an unstructured yet stylish look.

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Comfort is everything.

The only rule that should be followed while creating a bohemian look is that it should be comfortable and easy to carry. Bohemian fashion as a whole represents the free-spirited people who tend to live their lives on their terms and do not care about societal norms or judgments which is why comfort becomes one of the main factors. Most boho looks are created in contrived dishevelment and represent distinct personalities in unique and creative ways. When it’s about comfort, wearing the right footwear is also necessary. Mostly, flats are considered to be paired up with these looks, and, even if heels are worn, wedge heels or block heels are considered.

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Can boho be classy? Experiment with fabrics and focus on details.

Most people have misconceptions that if a person is opting for a boho look, it has to be shabby, casual, and grunge. But, classy looks can also be created concerning bohemian fashion. To create classy looks as well as bohemian one must experiment with fabrics and particularly focus on the details. Fabrics like velvet and mohair can be used for dresses. Jacquard prints can also contribute to the boho yet classy looks. Tropical prints and embroideries on velvet and other fabrics can also help. These dresses can be paired up with gold-toned and the right kind of footwear to complete the look.

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Anytime and anywhere.

There are many misconceptions about bohemian fashion. Some people think that boho outfits can only be casual and can be only worn during the summer or spring seasons. But, this is not true. One can create a boho look for any occasion and these looks can be flaunted at any time of the year. Casual looks can be created using flowy silhouettes and rugged clothes whereas when one wants to create a party wear look, then, he or she can experiment with oriental elements and distinct fabrics like velvet, mohair and many more. These can include robes, kimonos and various ethnic patterns inspired by Indian, Chinese, Persian and Turkish fashion. Various looks for the winter months can also be created. For instance, warm fabrics like velvet and mohair can be used or one could layer up regular boho outfits with jackets.

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Accessories play a huge role.

Accessories play a huge role in creating a bohemian look. Regular looks can be turned into bohemian looks by using the right kind and right amount of accessories. These can include oxidized jewelry or regular gold and silver plated jewelry. A lot of necklaces layered up and various types of bangles made into sets can help in enhancing the look. Scarves with distinct prints or embroideries can also be paired up with various dresses. Handmade bags with simple but unique patterns can help complete the look.

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Makeup and hair are important too.

The right kind of makeup and hairstyles are just as important as the outfit to portray a complete bohemian look. Bohemian fashion depicts effortless styling and that is what should be portrayed in the make-up as well as hairstyles. Makeup should be subtle and light. Heavy makeup would not make it look natural and effortless. And, hairstyles can include messy buns, messy fishtails or braids. Loose unstructured curls can also be an amazing option. The complete look should particularly look natural and effortless.

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There are NO RULES.

The last thing that I would like to mention is that if it’s about bohemian fashion, THERE ARE NO RULES. Boho fashion is all about depicting your sense of styling uniquely and creatively. There are no rules that have to be followed. Just match old and new pieces of fashion to create distinct looks. Also, copying does not work. It’s all about how you present yourself to the world depicting your individuality. Boho chic