How to get a long-lasting manicure at home


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You’ve probably have done your nails at home by yourself, without any specific technique or rules. The outcome might be somewhat good, but it’s not always perfect like the manicures you will get a salon. You probably have experienced chipping, nail color cracking, broken nails, and more problems. If this is your issue, then this is the article for you.

We know that going to the salon isn’t necessarily one of the most expensive things to do, but in the long run, this will start to add up. Plus, it might be very inconvenient for some people, with all the hassle of making an appointment, getting there in time, finding a parking spot, and other things. Sometimes, all you want to do is stay at home in the coziness of your bedroom.

That is why today, we will show all the ways you could improve your manicures in the coziness of your home to get the best, long-lasting results. And all without going to the salon!

With all these tips and tricks, your nails are going to look perfect and summer-ready.

manicure at home

The difference between a manicure at a salon and a manicure at home

You’ve probably wondered how to get perfect nails just like the ones you’ll get at a salon. Some people think you need to be an expert or have years of experience when it comes to doing nails, but in reality, it just takes some very little useful techniques and practices to manage nails at home. The main difference between a manicure at a salon and a manicure at home is the equipment used. The tools and instruments used in a salon are usually not known by many of us, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy all those things to get a long-lasting manicure at home.

You don’t even need a ton of crazy tools and equipment for doing your nails, especially if we are talking about nail polish. When it comes to gel, it’s a different story, but let’s focus on nail polish only.

You just need a good nail polish remover, a good quality nail polish color that you want, a nail file and a nail clipper to shape your nails. It’s as simple as that.

doing a manicure at home

Tips and tricks to get a long-lasting manicure at home

Now that you know that it is completely possible to get a long-lasting manicure at home, let’s start by telling you how.


The first thing you want to do is get the shape right and smooth with the help of a nail clipper a nail file. The best time to do this is right after a hot shower because warm water will make your nails softer and thus, easier to shape in any way you would like. The trendiest nail shape right now it’s the rounded pointy shape, the types that you would get with a gel manicure. Getting a shape like this with your natural nails can make your manicure game strong.

To start creating this shape in your natural nails, grab the nail clipper and cut just on the sides of your nails. You should be left with a pointy tip. Next, grab the nail file and start filing down the hard edges to create a smooth rounded shape. You are now left with a beautiful, easy to achieve, nail shape.


This is the most important step in the whole process of a long-lasting manicure at home. The reason why nail polish chips so fast and easily, it’s because it’s often applied in a dirty surface, making it difficult for the paint to stick correctly to your nail. You want to make sure that you wash your hands with soap before you start painting your nails. Even more important, it’s cleaning the surface of your nail with cotton filled with nail polish remover. Yes, nails polish remover. The reason for this is that this liquid is not only meant to remove nail polish, it is also capable of cleaning and removing any dirt or oil that might be on your nails.

Doing this simple step will make your nail polish last up to two weeks, just like gel nails. This is a huge amount of time for the paint to last considering the little effort you just made.


Now that your nails are completely clean thanks to the nails polish remover, you can start to prep your nail for the actual paint. Here’s when the base coat comes in hand. Applying a base coat doesn’t necessarily mean that your nails polish will last longer, but it will protect your nails from the harsh chemicals. Applying a base coat isn’t a must you could skip this step if you want. The only reason you should consider it, it’s if you are worried about getting yellowy nails. Other than that, a base coat doesn’t do much to help get a good long-lasting manicure at home.


Here comes the actual painting process. This is very tricky because you need to add just the perfect amount of nail polish. Add too little, and your nails will chip. Add too much, and they will take a long time to dry correctly. The perfect amount is usually three thin layers, not more or less. Doing this will aloud the color to show at its fullest. You will need a good quality nail polish, one that has a good color pay-off and dries quickly. To start painting, start with a think stroke of paint in the middle of your nail. Then, move to both sides, making sure that you spread it evenly.

Repeat this step in all of your nails, and you’re done.


No, you are not done yet. To ensure a long-lasting manicure at home, you need to make sure that you finish your manicure in the best way possible. This means allowing your nail polish to dry completely. You can soak your hand in cold water since this helps to dry the paint. To finish off, apply a top coat to ensure that your nail color shines and stays in place.