How to match handbags with outfit

Mikey Franky

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Handbags! Are handbags just handbags? Most people may ask that question of which many also ask “can’t I carry any handbag I feel like carrying?” These are some of the questions that most men and women ask. The fact that there are many types of handbags, you should be in a position to match your handbags with your outfit. Handbags compliment your outfit if you choose correctly. This depicts your elegant style or fashion.


The occasion you are dressing up for should be at the back of your mind as you pick your outfit and handbag. It will look awkward to be in an official suit and carry a hobo. In case you are dressing for an official duty or work, a touch of professionalism is required. Therefore, large flashy bags are not the choice you would go for. Official occasions go hand in hand with medium size handbags. The handbag should not be too small or too large since it will look funny. A satchel or a boxy bag will not harm your style if you are going for an official duty in a tailored suit. Going out with friends to hangout or shopping requires something that is not so tight since you need to feel comfortable. Generally, such casual occasions require one to carry large bags that you are comfortable with. This will also help you to carry along your pieces of stuff in case you have somethings to carry from home or after buying during the outing. A large hobo goes well with skinny jeans, tee-shirts, tunic, and sneakers or summer dresses with sandals depending on the occasion you are going. Therefore, get your occasion right together with your handbag.

Body shape

It’s good to understand your body shape. This will help you choose the right outfit and the right handbag. For instance, ladies with big bursts will need to carry bags that draw away some attention from the bursts. This will mean avoiding things like saddlebags. In the case of a pear-shape body, a waist-length handbag will be elegant to make your slimmer middle look more attractive. Low-hanging bags are good for tall curvy women. On the other side, if you are short and still curvy, long slim bags will give you a good touch since you will look slimmer and taller. Plus size ladies also have a fine touch with medium size bags. Slouchy handbags usually work out well with tall and slim ladies.  Understand your body shape and pick the right handbag to complement your body shape.


It’s a matter of balancing things. It may look awkward to wear a goldish necklace and carry a silver-studded handbag. Also, silver buckles on your shoes cannot match your handbag if it has golden hardware. Such things should match since they are minors to complement each other. If you decide to go for printed outfits depending on your occasion, a monochromatic handbag will be best for you. This will help you avoid color clashing. For instance, it’s a blue themed pattern a plain blue handbag will add a plus on your style. The same case applies to multicolored outfits. Multicolored outfits will match well with single or neutral-colored or handbags. This will help you be on the safer side of avoiding color clashing.

Contrary, block-colored or monochromatic outfits will be well complemented by patterned bags. This will make you look attractive since patterned handbags break the monotony. Balance the colors and you will get it right.


The season you are dressing up for is very important. On a summer outfit during summer when it’s hot, a soft leather handbag is good of which you should be conscious of the structure. During winter in your winter attire, a more heavily structured leather bag will be good to match with our outfit. Since different seasons have different outfits, then pick the right handbag that suits you.

The Style You are aiming

Sometimes we usually aim at achieving a certain style with our outfits. You may decide to do a classic wear, vintage, Asian, African or any other style. This means you picking the right handbag which comes handy with such outfits. For instance, you are aiming at a classic look. This will mean you carrying leather clutches. You need to pick the right handbag for the right style to come out clear. Anarkalis or any artisan touch you want to achieve will be best fulfilled by pochette designed with different colors. If you want to be casual, cross body bags will be your perfect pick. On the other side, hobos make you look playful and a glamorous look will be best portrayed by a crystal-studded handbag. Therefore, any style you want to portray determines the type of handbag you’ll match with your outfit.

Time of the Day

During the day you might have a different outfit from the evening. Assuming you were at work or hanging out with friends and during the evening you go for dinner. In your evening wear when you want to be in your backless dress or an elegant shoulder dress, don’t you think a small handbag will complement your look as opposed to large handbags? Tube clutches will help you look more attractive since they make you look sleek. The market has provided a wide variety of handbags. It is, therefore, your duty to pick the right handbag to match with your outfit so that you can have a good touch of your style and also achieve the purpose you want. The media will feed you with a lot of things. Celebrities or public icons you follow will embrace certain styles and handbags. Adverts will also be made on different handbags. However, it’s a matter of understanding yourself and picking what suits you. This does not nullify the fact that you can learn from someone you see. What matters is how you balance since certain factors cut across and some have weight more than others.