Office Fashion: How To Dress For Your Job

Lauren Dixon

Lauren is an established copywriter for the web, and has over 8 years experience in the marketing and graphic design fields. She’s an avid lover of music and fashion, and has a crazy passion for typography and colour. Her content creation is intended to make establishing a business as easy as possible for women in the industry.

Entering an office job no longer means you’re entering a world of pantsuits, stilettos and slick hair. Instead, the corporate world has opened up into a place where fashion can be embraced and, in some places, encouraged. The question is, how can you bring your unique style to the world of office fashion without crossing into casualwear?

Most workplaces in 2019 are open to a more casual take on corporate attire but may have some guidelines you need to follow. Each office and business will be run differently, but there are some simple tricks you can use, and fashion looks you can pull off to show off your individuality.


Jumpsuits are making their way into the 2019 corporate wardrobe:

Nothing says ‘boss lady’ like a classic jumpsuit. A much more modern take on the pant-suit, the jumpsuit remains professional whilst injecting a little bit of fun and personality into your corporate wardrobe. If you’re someone who enjoys commanding a room, the jumpsuit is for you. So long as your jumpsuit adheres to your office’s dressing policies, there is a range of colors, patterns, lengths, and cuts to choose from. Team with a belt, pumps, or your favorite earrings for an extra individual look.  

Pretty, masculine, whatever shoes you choose:

Shoes are possibly the easiest part of your outfit to truly make your own. Most corporate offices will require closed-toe, tidy footwear – but don’t mistake this for only meaning high heels. A great movement of modern office fashion is the acceptance of oxfords, brogues, loafers, tidy boots, and even casual (but clean) sneakers into everyday attire. So as long as they’re clean and you can walk and present in them, go crazy!  

Office fashion is becoming more accepting of fun hairstyles:

Depending on your role, you may have the freedom to experiment with your hair choices. Not only does this include color (hello, shocking pink!), but also headbands, headscarves, scrunchies, clips, bows… everything! A great go-to on a day when you need a bit of a color boost is to select a thin, patterned scarf and use it as a headscarf. Tie a little knot at the end s and voila! An instant pick me up! Another cool aspect of a modern office/corporate job is the leniency towards hairstyles themselves. Say goodbye to the Mrs. Trunchbull slicked bun, and hello to well-kept waves or a tousled ponytail. As long as you’re tidy enough to meet with your clients and keep the brand of your office intact, have fun! headscarf  

Bold prints aren’t just for casual wear! Bring them out and get noticed:

Even if traditional office fashion is your style, there’s no need to stick to black and white. There is a large number of high-quality brands offering fun, funky prints to kick your look up a notch, be it an animal print blouse, tartan blazer, striped culottes, or an abstract tee. Just remember, with bold prints, less is more! Try to keep to one statement piece at a time.  

Stay corporate with a fun, preppy twist – the collar pop:

If you’re a bit of a snazzy dresser but need to stay a little low-key for your job (not every office is supportive of full-on patterns and bold footwear!), a sneaky pop of color or pattern sneaking out of your sweater or cardigan could give you that extra bit of life you’re looking for. Winter is a fantastic month for this look, teaming fun collared shirts with classic cardigans or sweaters. Pull that collar up and out, and get it noticed. Sophisticated and fun!  

Glasses are now for fashion, not just function:

Personalizing your style isn’t limited to only your wardrobe choices. These days, there are heaps of options online and in-store for glasses! Even if you don’t ‘technically’ need them, frames can really give your look some personality and individuality. From cat-eye to tortoiseshell, glittery, bold, big, bright pink or subtly thin, frames come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re concerned about screen time usage, there are also multiple online options to include blue-light lenses (great for reducing the blue light headaches that come from too much screen time). A lot of online glasses providers just need the details of your prescription, which you can usually ask for from your regular optometrist.


Black socks are hardly exciting. It’s time to bring those casual socks into your office collection:

These sly little fashion accessories often go unnoticed. A sock is never ‘just a sock’, but is a totally unique way to show off your style. Whether you’re one to tee tall socks with heels, embellished socks with your Docs, animal socks with your dress shoes, the options are entirely up to you. And what’s more, they’re endless! There’s nothing like secretly sharing with your coworkers which of your playful patterns you chose that morning. Pull out those old favorites and turn them from casualwear to corporate high fashion!  

Jewelry – not only for fancy occasions:

We’re all guilty of it – buying an excessive amount of play jewelry that we save and save for a ‘special occasion’, that just sits on our dressers gathering dust. Well ladies (and gents!), I’m here to tell you to get those babies out and about – out of the casualwear drawer and into the corporate world. The days of only being allowed to wear sleepers or studs at school are over – pull out your OTT earrings, bangle collections, your special necklaces, and rings and have fun (maybe just not all at once)!  

Command the room with your attitude:

The final suggestion I have for you is to show your personality through your actions, body language and thoughts. Don’t shy away from being heard in your role, and let clients and your coworkers know who you are and why you’re there. A bold wardrobe requires confidence. Command that room, let them know who you are and do what you do best. By now you’re hopefully running all your potential new outfit ideas through your head, maybe revisiting some old items to breathe new life into. The most important take away is to remember that office fashion doesn’t have to mean uber-professional anymore – casual attire can make its way into the corporate world as long as you respect the rules of your particular business. Have fun, go bold!