The Ultimate Guide To Styling The Straight Fit Jeans

Isha Jain

Hi! I am Isha and I am a freelance writer based in India focusing my work on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. After an internship at a media company, I discovered my love of writing and have been pursuing it ever since.

There is no comfortable clothing than a pair of jeans and there are no comfortable jeans than straight fit jeans. Our obsession with straight fit jeans is never-ending. We all can go as experimental as we want to with our straight fit jeans and this is why it is absolutely adored and loved wholeheartedly. Straight Fit jeans are versatile and adaptable to any kind of mood and outing. Not only that, this is one pair of jeans that flatters all the body types. Be it curvy, hourglass or even lean body shape. There are a lot of ways in which one can style these jeans. We just need to keep in mind the occasion and we can easily think of a lot of ideas of donning it.

Let’s take a look at different ways of rocking the straight fit jeans.

The Casual Look

There is no denial in the fact that straight fit jeans can be a synonym for a casual look. Especially when we are prepping up for a road trip, we don’t want our outfit to annoy us on our entire journey and that is when the straight fit jeans become our sole partner. It is comfy and stylish at the same time. Pair it with a tank top or a well-fitted t-shirt and accessorize it using a hat along with sneakers and we have our very own airport/weekend look ready. For your hair, you can keep it down or even make a high ponytail. When it comes to your face, it is better to keep it neutral by just adding some mascara, a coral blush to the cheeks to give you a more flushed look and a nude color lipstick. The whole look is so comfortable even to imagine. Tank Top

The Brunch look

Straight fit jeans are a lot more than just casual look. We already know a lot about its versatility. We can style it with a crop top or a bralette top for a brunch with our girlfriends or even a casual outing with your loved ones. Wearing the jeans with a crop top will even give us an impression of a small waist. It is the best way to style your jeans when you don’t want to overdo it but still look your best. We can pair it with heels for a more chique look or sneakers to give it a more casual look. For your hair, you can keep it down or even tie a messy bun and for the face, some eyeliner with  sun-kissed look will totally complement the entire attire. Crop Top

The White Shirt

A classic white shirt is a cult favorite. It is something that can be found in everyone’s wardrobe. But did you know, it looks effortless with straight fit jeans? So, if we have an informal day at work and we are not in the mood to go casual. It can get really confusing as to what to wear? Want to be dressy but not too extreme? Then it’s time to grab that white shirt out of the wardrobe and pair it with your straight fit jeans. To give it a little precision, it is better to tuck the shirt. If it is just a casual outing and you want to wear the white shirt but don’t want to give the formal impression, then you can tuck the half-shirt and keep the other half untucked, this way we give it a more easy feel or you can personalize the way you want to. Pair it with stilettos or pumps. You can keep your hair open giving it a nice wavy look and keeping your base as neutral as possible and we have a new way of styling your white shirt. Knotted White Shirt

The Weekend Vibe

Aren’t we all bored of donning our party dresses every weekend. Don’t we have days where we just cannot wear a dress or those days where you are in no mood to shave your legs? If this is the case with you any day, then it is time to use your straight fit jeans for the weekend party. Pair the jeans with a spaghetti strap or an off-shoulder top or you can even style your favorite top by tying a knot. Wear your favorite pair of heels and asymmetrical hoops along with it. Give your hair some nice curls with some bold lipstick and nude eyes with lots and lots of mascara and you are all ready.  Are you getting the party chills, already? Spaghetti Top

The impromptu

Have you tried wearing your straight fit jeans with almost everything and now you are probably exhausted with your search. You have already run out of tops to pair with your jeans. How about wearing it with something completely impromptu? How about pairing it with a dress? Or a swimsuit? Sounds fun, right? If you have this gorgeous swimsuit and you desperately want to wear it on roads, then this is probably the time. Just grab your favorite swimsuit and tuck it in your jeans and you have a new look ready. Not only swimsuits, but you can also even tuck a dress. (Note- While choosing a dress/swimsuit, we need to choose the one we think will look perfect when tucked in). This way you will never run out of ideas of wearing your straight fit jeans. Talking about the hair and face, I think you know what suits you the best. Swimsuit We all have our style and we all know the best way of carrying it. No matter what we wear, it is very important to feel comfortable in it because that is when we actually feel confident. This is why jeans work the best as they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. There must be tons of different ways of styling straight fit jeans and I am sure you are familiar with a lot too. So, if you have any other way of styling the jeans, then it is time that you share it with the world because the world is always in need of new ideas.