Top Five Basic Make-Up Items That Should Be In Every Girls' Bag

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Hey, girls! Let’s face it, we own a lot of Make-Up items and still planning to grow the Make-Up population even more. We all can agree that we want to bring all of it when we’re out. Unfortunately, that is impossible. We are only allowed to carry the items that are only necessary for the day to save bag space and weight. Choosing what to bring on a daily basis can be a pain to think about since Make-Ups are all a necessity in a girl’s language. Make-Up does not only increase a woman’s confidence, but it is also an art that we all love. All of the Make-Up products we buy are a necessity. Some are used for everyday use but there are also products that are saved for a special occasion and for those days that we feel to add a little twist to our looks. To help us on the delimma on what to bring, I picked out the Make-Up products that I think would be perfect to bring for an everyday retouch.

To be clear, the list focused on Make-Ups that are for retouching purposes only. Think of this as a guide to what Make-Up product can possibly fit inside a clutch bag, cosmetic pouch, or a small handbag.  Also, the list excludes the travel-sized, samplers, and the use of travel containers. The Make-Up list is solely based on what I like to bring on a daily basis. Hope y’all like it too!


Compact Powder Foundation

A Compact Powder Foundation is a type of powder foundation that is pressed in a flat container. The flat container will perfectly fit the Make-Up pouch or small purse. The compact pressed powder is designed to avoid the powder from messing around the purse or pouch. It is more convenient to carry around since it is smaller and flatter. Not to mention, the pressed powder is easy to apply. With the use of a powder brush, we can achieve a fresh face. No powder brush? Say no more. Most of the compact pressed foundation comes with an applicator and a mirror.

A powdered foundation is also a great alternative for a setting powder since powder naturally sets the face and prevents skin from being too oily. The face oftentimes becomes oily during midday. At times, the base of the face usually soaked in the skin after a couple of hours so always keep a pressed powder stashed.

Why not bring Concealer, Liquid Foundation, or BB Cream? All three are most likely either liquified or creamy in texture. Most of it is contained in a glass bottle which can be bulky. Applying creamy products on the face to retouch can be heavy on the face and may have a cakey result.


Eyebrow Pencil

An on flick eyebrows on the go? No worries. Got you covered. Simply bring an Eyebrow Pencil. Eyebrow Pencil comes with a cap (to avoid the breaking of the tip and to avoid a messy bag). Most of it comes with an eyebrow brush on the back. Having a well-groomed brows shapes the entire face. May it be full-on heavy brows or natural-looking brows, an Eyebrow Pencil can help you shape up the brows you want.


Eyelash Mascara

Bring your favorite mascara! The tiny eyelashes can make a huge difference on your face. Not only that mascara can open up the beautiful eyes and it can also lengthen it. Mascara also serves as a gel that holds the eyelash when curled and can blend natural eyelashes from eyelash extensions. Make sure to bring a mascara that doesn’t clump your eyelashes. Since it is expected that you already wore your best mascara before going out, make sure that the mascara you bring is just enough for retouching. Oops! Don’t forget that it has to be waterproof.


Contour Palette

Contour Palette is versatile on so many levels. Some of it comes with a highlighter in one palette. A highlighter is used to highlight the high points of the face. it brings out the glow of the face. On a daily basis, the highlighter acts as a dewy fresh reflection of the natural sunlight and a highlighter the will be matched with the right contour, will be a game-changer. The Contour is used to define the shape of the face. The contour is mostly used on the side of the face, to define the cheekbone, to hide the double chin, to define the eyes, and etc. Without eyeshadow, a contour comes in handy as to put a little color to the eyelids.


Even without anything on the face, a lipstick can already stand out. When blush is needed, lipstick can be a good alternative. At times, there are people who like to put color on the eyes. Guess what is the alternative to that? A lipstick. Of all the Make-Up on the list, a lipstick is probably the most retouched item. Lipstick will fade in a couple of hours since the mouth does a lot of activities such as talking, eating, etc. It is suggested to opt for waterproof or long-lasting lipsticks. Still, it is safer to carry the woman’s power wand.. the lipstick.

It is preferred to have at least two tones of lipstick. One is a natural-colored lipstick. Natural color lipstick or your preferred everyday lipstick is a perfect retouch make up. Since the color is natural, it is easy to apply. Mistakes will not be obvious and can be applied even on a rush.

The Red, Crimson, or any dark color lipstick is perfect for special occasion or for a rush event to attend to. When in need of a different color of lipstick, both the natural color and dark-colored lipstick can be combined to a little mix. A two-toned lipstick also is making a scene in the beauty industry. Even by having a simple Make-Up, a dark-colored lipstick can make you an instant Hollywood Star feels!


How’s the list? Do you also keep the Make-Ups on the list above handy? Though I prefer the following, it is best to know yourself. You may be a person who prefers to have more eye make up than foundation. Go ahead, replace the foundation with an eyeshadow palette. Make up is how you prefer it to be. Know yourself. Know what you need every day and how you like to use it. For a night event, the list obviously will probably not fit in a small clutch so it is preferred to focus on lipstick and compact foundation. During those events, there will be cocktails and food, the lipstick will fade in no time. Also, during workdays, it is most likely to make your face oily or dry. Make sure to bring the make up you need to address the skin. Furthermore, what you bring depends on how you like it and what you prefer. No pressure, ladies. You are all beautiful!