Brummelli Shoes

<p>The holiday season might be over but, with Valentine's Day in a month and birthdays on the horizon, it's already time to start thinking about gifts again…and we know how it goes. Buying for your man can be quite the task; when he seems to have everything, what will make him feel really chuffed? Go for something classic and invest in a sturdy pair of Brummelli shoes for him.</p>
<p>While there are many reasons to celebrate in life, occasion wear always seems to fall short when it comes to our wardrobes. We all know a gent who has to rush out last minute in need of formal footwear, don't we? Men's fashion moves as fast as ladies fashion, but a quality, handcrafted, formal shoe never goes out of style. Brummelli shoes shine in the finest grade of Argentinian cow crust full grain leather, treated with the upmost care for a rich colour and bold aesthetic.</p>
<h4>Stylish shoes to suit every man…</h4>
<p>It's well known that a quality shoe captivates everybody's attention. The stiff structure, the glossy, hand painted finish and precise broguing of Brummelli design are an indicator of a prestigious shoe fashioned to help a gentleman boom with pride and burst with confidence. There's a collection to suit every man and his style, from the minimalist loafer to the opulent wingtips and statement monk straps.</p>
<h4>…and every occasion</h4>
<p>Brummelli understands that a man's shoe needs to both reflect his personality and perform as a practical staple in multiple settings. A good shoe is one that can shine in a leisurely environment, as it has done throughout history, and simultaneously serve the typical metropolitan lifestyle of a modern man.</p>
<h4>Expertly made at an affordable price</h4>
<p>Exceptional stitching closes the shoe, bound together by artisans in fine leather shoemaking, with such expertise and an exquisite tidiness that makes Brummelli footwear an investment worth making for beautiful, long-serving shoes.<br /><br />When a man receives a question about the shoes he is wearing, he should feel proud to represent the craftsmanship and appreciation that is required to design and build an accessory of excellence. Keeping luxury in mind, Brummelli set out to capture premium British heritage at an affordable price. By maintaining a sustainable approach to their process, they have been able to do just that.</p>
<h4>Long-lasting formal shoes</h4>
<p>Every man deserves smart, comfortable, quality shoes of genuine leather so, for maximum longevity, Brummelli is also the place to invest in superior shoe care. Applying cream, conditioner and healing balm keeps the leather in prime condition, while a shoe tree retains shape, so your gentleman will always be ready for a flawless wear.<br /><br />If you're gifting Brummelli shoes for a special occasion, present the man in your life with his tucked away safely inside branded shoe covers. Brummelli shoe covers are designed with a secure zip closure and have been made exclusively for each shoe, making them an ideal solution for travelling and general protection while in storage.<br /><br />Whether he's your boyfriend, your husband, your son or your brother, there's never been a more special gift for that charming gentleman of yours.</p>