Hancock Vulcanised Articles – Handmade Bespoke Outerwear

<p>In the throw-away culture of fashion today, isn't it curious that the oldest and most traditional manufacturing techniques are often the ones which survive the longest? In the heart of Scotland, Hancock Vulcanised Articles are designing and handcrafting heritage outerwear that speaks volumes in contemporary fashion. Now, they're going beyond, offering a bespoke customisation service to suit every individual.</p>
<h4>Unmistakable expertise and industry know-how</h4>
<p>Having worked with the likes of Maison Margiela and Herm&egrave;s, internationally recognised fashion houses, and facilitating specialist coat makers with over forty years of experience, Hancock understands the need for timeless pieces that speak the individuality of the wearer.</p>
<h4>Practical outerwear with uncompromising style</h4>
<p>Hancock's 'vulcanised' coats respond to the desire for the vintage-inspired style that resonates so strongly in modern trends. Made with materials from Scotland and the north of England, they are fashioned from rubber bonded natural cloth, which builds a protective waterproof barrier. With customisation, the Handmade Vulcanised article can be adjusted in hem length and colour for those requiring added practicality and uniqueness. Hancock also provides the option of a detachable hood and tailored lining choices, for outings facing the wild weather of the British Isles.</p>
<h4>For the rural dwellers and fashion-conscious</h4>
<p>Hancock's new Waxed Cotton line provides comfort and sophistication for those who like to spend their weekends in the countryside. Along with a choice of three traditional wax colours, these hardy coats are embellished with a corduroy collar and customisable lining in quilt, print or full. Cut by Hancock experts and featuring custom pocket-flap colours, the Waxed Cotton coat is perfectly stylish for wear in both rural and urban environments. For the ladies and gents who prefer the warmth of a longer fit, the hooded parka design and traditional field jacket are an excellent choice.</p>
<h4>Luxurious feel and cuts to suit the individual</h4>
<p>Along with the charming vulcanised raincoats and sturdy waxed jackets, also new to the custom collection is the Melton Wool coat – and it doesn't get more luxurious. Available in the unisex cuts of Classic and Peacoat, and the third design of Donkey Jacket for men and Belted City Coat for women, the Melton Wool collection starts life in a traditional Victorian mill before being carefully crafted by Hancock's talented team of tailors. Multiple lining options and colours are available, along with button through fastening. Each style serves the lifestyle of its wearer while delivering exceptional quality and design.</p>
<p>The latest arrival to the customisable collection from Hancock Vulcanised Articles, by popular demand, is the Quilted Bomber. Lovers of the original bomber jacket will appreciate the nylon, zig-zag stitch quilt with knitted elements, which make for a snug fit. There is also an exclusive option to choose the Hancock x Liberty print lining.</p>
<h4>An investment piece to make a statement with</h4>
<p>Sustainability in production and sourcing only the finest materials is imperative for Hancock's stunning line of outerwear. Hancock is proud to do business with suppliers of superior goods, which are sourced as locally as possible. In fact, 95% of all Hancock's materials are found within 200 miles of their studio in Cumbernauld.</p>
<p>Hancock's mission to deliver premium, heritage design with great customisability makes their coats a true investment that will last a lifetime.</p>