MAYU |Keep Your Water Healthy With A Natural Swirling Motion

<p>Hydration is essential for your health and wellbeing because 60 percent of your body is made up of water. Water lubricates your joints, boosts skin health and beauty, cushions your spinal cord, brain, and other sensitive tissues&nbsp;prevents kidney damage and even helps in weight loss.&nbsp;</p>
<p>&nbsp;Delicious water increases your consumption rate, and MAYU is the perfect answer for this. MAYU gives you clean, healthy and better-tasting water in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, it&rsquo;s sustainable, reduces carbon footprint and is made of recyclable materials.</p>
<h4>What is MAYU</h4>
<p>MAYU&rsquo;s vortex vessel aerates water by introducing a swirling motion in the otherwise still water and dissolves fresh oxygen into water. This action of MAYU strips of harmful compounds from water making it healthier and delicious.&nbsp;</p>
<p>MAYU&rsquo;s vortex vessel resembles a water pitcher and is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that is crystal clear and lightweight. It holds up to 1.5 liters of water. To seal the carafe from dust, unpleasant odors and aerosols the vortex vessel is fitted with a medical grade, silicone O-ring. There&rsquo;s a choice of caps to close the vortex vessel. You can choose from sustainably sourced bamboo or brushed stainless steel cap.&nbsp;</p>
<p>MAYU stream base is made from non-glazed porcelain and contains only mineral colorants. The motor is controlled by solid-state load cells which detect the presence of the vortex and starts the swirling motion automatically. The best part is that the vortex will keep swirling for up to two hours unplugged. Also, MAYU contains a magnetic tip charger and feather touch control-just one touch will get your water swirling.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>How MAYU Enhances the Quality of Water</h4>
<p>MAYU gives you better tasting water with a smooth and soft texture which makes your family members begging for more. Thus MAYU significantly boosts your family&rsquo;s hydration levels and increases their health and wellbeing.</p>
<h4>Benefits of Swirling Motion in MAYU&rsquo;s Vortex Vessel</h4>
<li>Still-water is a great breeding ground for bacteria, on the other hand swirling aerated water slows the formation of biofilm.</li>
<li>Swirling motion infuses the water with oxygen and returns drinking water to its natural form.</li>
<li>Unpleasant odor and taste get removed due to swirling motion and aeration.</li>
<li>Radon, trihalomethane, nitrogen trichoride, Hydrogen Sulfide, dichloroethylene, trichloroethylene chloroform, ammonia, methane, MTBE and other hazardous chemicals get removed from water due to swirling motion.</li>
<h4>How Different Types of Water Benefit From Aeration</h4>
<p>All types of water get an oxygen boost from MAYU&rsquo;s swirling mechanism but in different ways.</p>
<p>Tap water</p>
<p>&nbsp;MAYU evaporates chlorine out of tap water to give you healthy, pure and oxygenated water.</p>
<p>Activated carbon filters</p>
<p>These filters create THMs, a family of carcinogenic byproducts. Since THMs are volatile MAYU aerates them to give you healthy oxygenated water.</p>
<p>Water coolers and water dispensers</p>
<p>MAYU&rsquo;s aeration swirling process removes unpleasant odor, aerates THMs and increases oxygen levels.</p>
<p>Reverse osmosis</p>
<p>This process results in water that has a tangy taste and low level of oxygen and pH. Conversely, MAYU increases dissolved oxygen levels, improves pH and gives you better tasting water.</p>
<p>Bottled water</p>
<p>MAYU increases the pH, dissolved oxygen levels and enhances the taste of bottled water.</p>
<h4>How to Clean</h4>
<p>MAYU&rsquo;s vortex vessel is easy to clean, and it is dishwasher safe. Likewise, the porcelain base is stain resistant.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>MAYU Gives Your Family the Priceless Gift of Health</h4>
<p>Besides MAYU&rsquo;s vortex vessel they also have a stunning range of bottles-The Pack-it bottles and Pack-it Sports bottles. Hurry up! The company is offering some impressive early bird offers. Check it out, make full use of this astounding opportunity to give your family the priceless gift of health.&nbsp;</p>