MEZMOGLOBE- Kinetic Desk Toy

<p>Working continuously to the level of straining your eye muscles and also your mind can lead you to mental exertion. Nowadays work has become desk oriented and full of stress and sitting at one place to handle your work can be a bit difficult.</p>
<p>Taking breaks in the middle will definitely help you to get away with the straining of eye muscles and also a break will give a kick start to your work. What if you get something which helps you to relax? Which helps you in giving that type of relaxation your eyes need?</p>
<p>So here is Mezmoglobe- Kinetic Desk Toy which is your perfect partner in helping you for your desk job. Four reasons why you should grab this desk toy.</p>
<p>The illusionary shape of this desk toy leaves you mesmerized from all the sides making you once stop all your thoughts and encourage your concentration at one point. It has a shape of a helix and filled with grooves on the outside, this design helps in making the product mesmerizing and hypnotic.</p>
<h4>360 degrees view</h4>
<p>Resting on the top of your desk this mezmoglobe can easily give you 360 degrees view without any strain to your eyes. Designed in a way that your eyes can only get rest from it and not strain. It creates a certain illusion with the help of groove that you will feel the lines are dissolving into the surface itself. This kind of optical illusion will leave you mesmerized.</p>
<h4>For thinkers</h4>
<p>Those who are in the continuous job of brain work, where you have to be on your field keeping your mind completely absorbed in work will only leave you at the end completely stressed. But, here is the solution to keep on thinking, concentrating on something for a long time can make you give ideas and some new type of solutions to your problems. This desk toy helps in doing the same for you, this hypnotic illusionary desk toy makes you concentrate acknowledge things from different perspective. The lines on the desk toy help in building up your concentration.</p>
<p>The material of the desk toy is completely reliable and will help to sustain for a longer time. The material is made of aerospace grade aluminum, it means it can go for an extremely long duration without getting rusted or any other kind of issue with the material will happen. The rotating base is equipped with high quality stainless steel material which keeps the helix still and it is a reliable product with years of sustenance.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Finally, we have something which can not only give eyes rest but also a can help you bring the concentration back. You can even try this for kids who are hyperactive, you can ask them to concentrate on the Mezmoglobe for good 5-10 minutes, this exercise will eventually help in increasing their concentration.</p>
<p>This can be even a good present for somebody you know who works in the office and need to concentrate and think a lot while he or she is at work.&nbsp;</p>