My Uni Beauty Blends

<p>If one of your 2019 New Year's Resolutions is to start being more conscious of your skincare needs while supporting indie beauty brands, you'll be interested to learn about My Uni Beauty.</p>
<h4>Hand-crafted with natural ingredients</h4>
<p>A one-woman, handmade beauty company, My Uni Beauty puts natural ingredients at the forefront of skincare, using some of nature's finest and most revitalising ingredients: ginger, turmeric, liquorice root, cucumber and matcha tea, to name just a few. Handmade skin care products can be some of the most loving to your skin, with no unkind chemicals and a deep reassurance that everything inside the formula is pure, natural and simple.</p>
<h4>Skincare to suit every need</h4>
<p>Whatever your skin needs, My Uni Beauty has got it covered; whether it's begging for a revitalising toner, a scrumptious sugar scrub or a soothing eye gel, there's something for every routine and every skin type. If acne, eczema or psoriasis are an issue, the inclusion of the vitamins A and E in cleansing formulas will relieve discomfort and help to heal any marks or discolouration.</p>
<p>Anti-ageing formulas are also available within the My Uni Beauty range. Rosehip oil is a favourite for its age-defying benefits and ability to reduce scarring. The Cashmere Rosehip &amp; Hibiscus cream is the ultimate anti-ageing formula, with the hibiscus plant bringing enhanced elasticity to the skin for an overall healthier and smoother aesthetic.</p>
<h4>Easy and fun to use</h4>
<p>My Uni Beauty is conscious of sustainability, time constraints and convenient application. If you'd like to avoid unnecessary plastic waste in your responsible skincare journey, you'll be glad to know that the bare minimum of packaging is used. If you want to go even further, try a simple face soap bar, where there is absolutely no waste produced by the end product at all! My Uni Beauty products are rich in texture, thanks to their wonderful ingredients, and make for a fast and fun application on those mornings when you simply don't have the time to mess about.</p>
<h4>Skincare bundles for the best results</h4>
<p>It's well known that skincare works best when it is used consistently and without introducing too many new products into the equation. Changing products too often can put stress on the skin, resulting in dryness or breakouts. To make life easier, My Uni Beauty offers bundles dedicated to specific skincare needs and ingredients.</p>
<p>If you want bright, clear skin with a healthy-looking shine try the Glow Goals pack, which contains an anti-oxidant rich face mask, cleanser and unique skin gloss formula. To minimise the effects of oily, breakout-prone skin, you might like to use the Even &amp; Clear kit. As ginger and turmeric are known to possess antimicrobial properties, they're great for keeping pores clean and free of bacteria. The inclusion of a gel moisturiser in the pack is also an absolute must for those with oily skin as it is able to hydrate the skin appropriately without leaving a greasy residue on the surface.</p>
<p>It's clear that My Uni Beauty will make a splash in your skincare system. Not to mention that seriously fun packaging, which will both brighten up your bathroom and your morning routine!</p>