The Lunata Cordless, Convertible Curling Iron

<p>The&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;company makes different tech products and they have released the world's first convertible, rechargeable,&nbsp;battery-powered and cordless iron. This is the only curling iron you can find in the market that has no cords and still has full size as a curling iron. This is a high quality curling iron and the best &nbsp;you can find on the market.</p>
<h2>Why Is The&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;Cordless Convertible Curling Iron Better Than Others?</h2>
<h3>Flexible power system</h3>
<p>This curling iron can charge with USB in a laptop, power bank or car. You can plug it for up to 60 minutes and this makes it more handy. The battery is a removable pack that lets you get a spare one.</p>
<h3>It is convertible</h3>
<p>Many women prefer wands to irons or sometimes both. This curling iron can function both as curling iron or wand. There is a removable clip that enables you to use both as wand or as iron.</p>
<h3>No butane present</h3>
<p>Other curling irons use butane which is not very good for the hair or travel friendly but this curling uses lithium-iron.</p>
<h3>Nicely hot</h3>
<p>The&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;cordless iron is pretty hot and can reach 400 degrees to 450 degrees.</p>
<h3>Maintain full size</h3>
<p>This is the only cordless iron in the market that has full size and has a 52mm barrel. Titanium barrel lasts longer and helps &nbsp;heat distribution.</p>
<h3>More suitable for travelling</h3>
<p>This removable clip is more suitable for travelling because it has a silicon cover and this cover is heat proof. It will not burn your bag like others when travelling. You can put it inside your purse and go where you are going. The voltage is dual for your international travels.</p>
<h2>The Problem Of Cords</h2>
<p>There is a problem with cords. Too many of them doesn't always look tidy. The world is going wireless and this&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;curling iron is not an exception. Conventional brands have dominated the hair care industry for many decades and this have some limits for styling hair. A huge demand exists for wireless heating tools that are convenient but no brands are meeting this demand. That is why the&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;company have come with this wireless tool. Most of the curling irons in the market before the coming of this&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;cordless curling iron produce unnecessary ringlets instead of beach waves.</p>
<h2>How Can You Use This Cordless Curling Iron From&nbsp;Lunata?</h2>
<p>You can use it with the clip in form of the ordinary curling iron or you can use it without the clip. Remove the clip by sliding it off the device. Another option is to use it in form of a wand to give different outfits or use it with cords. These are unique properties of this cordless iron since it offers you options to use it in different ways.</p>
<h2>What Hair Looks Can You Get With This Curling Iron?</h2>
<h3>Textured and wavy&nbsp;look</h3>
<p>This is a unique look making the hair to slice downwards in a wavy way.</p>
<h3>Curling looks from midway</h3>
<p>Lunata&nbsp;cordless iron makes the hair curl from the midway and not from the top of the head. Many models prefer this look.&nbsp;</p>
<h3>Cute Bohemian&nbsp;look</h3>
<p>This cordless iron gives women that Bohemian look that is very cute for their outings. You can get this&nbsp;look by using the cordless iron with the clip turned off.</p>
<h3>Shorter style and bridal style</h3>
<p>Lunata&nbsp;cordless iron gives you an efficient shorter style look and you can get this by turning the clip on. You can also get a look that is more formal.</p>
<p>The&nbsp;Lunata&nbsp;cordless convertible curling iron is the first in the world and it comes in high quality. It is better than other curling irons that you can find in the market.</p>