The Worlds Most Stylish Functional Travel Jacket

<p>I've always hated carrying a heavy backpack. Not only does it hurt my back; it makes me viable to play Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Seriously, I do not look good sporting a bulky bag behind my back. But who does, anyway?</p>
<h4>The Search for an Alternative</h4>
<p>Desperate to make my travels more bearable for my back while making me look in fashion, I searched for a functional travel jacket. To my luck, I found the most functional travel jacket ever! Now all I have to do is save money for it.</p>
<h4>The Best Alternative</h4>
<p>Brought to the world by MSSRS, this travel jacket has more features than I expected. What I love most about it is the number of pockets. They're numerous to count! I also adore the hood eyemask which I can use whenever I commute through public transport. Sleep is definitely my thing when traveling. The eyemask can be hidden easily too. The jacket's pockets are also distributed evenly on the left and right side, so I won't stumble when one side is heavier than the other. It even has hidden hand warmers, so I don't have to desperately rub my hands together when the weather's cold. I get cold fast, so for me, that's just fantastic.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Advantages to Travelers</h4>
<p>Travelers will love this jacket because of its convenience. It comes in two styles as well&ndash;field and utility&ndash;so I can stick to my style. Aside from making me look good in my travel photos, the jacket is also equipped with a 10" tablet pocket, a wallet compartment, a plus-size phone pocket, a headphone compartment, and even a watch zipper! I can also put my travel card on the cuff and my passport in its assigned pocket, and be on my way without a hassle.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Perks to Photographers</h4>
<p>Although I'm not a professional, I still love taking lots of photos when I travel, and MSSRS' jacket amazed me with its benefits for a photographer. It has a compartment for a DSLR, a slot for all my SD and CF cards, a compartment for my flash drives (I have around five), and a pocket for my camera lens. Imagine having everything you need in a jacket while making you look good?</p>
<h4>Additional Features</h4>
<p>I also love the key chain bungee cord included because I keep so many keys and I tend to lose them a lot. There's a pocket for sunglasses too, which I can quickly clean with the built-in microfiber cloth. I also find the convertible sleeves fashionable. Plus, the jacket's water and stain repellant, which is a good thing because I'm clumsy!</p>
<h4>Sizes and Colors</h4>
<p>The jacket comes in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. It also has adjustable drawstrings at the waist to make sure it fits just about anyone. It comes in colors black, camouflage, and military green.</p>
<p>If you ask me to describe what MSSRS' jacket is all about in just three words, it'd be <strong>functionality plus aesthetics</strong>. No more, and no less. Just where form and function meet. All its features make it worthy to be called the World's Most Stylish Functional Travel Jacket.&nbsp;</p>