UltraSkin™ | Modern Nanofiber Underwear & Men Essentials

<p>If you are a man looking for the perfect pair of briefs or trunks, a superior undershirt or fitted tee, plus affordable and produced using environmentally ethical practices then read on to discover the UltraSkin Modern Nanofiber Underwear and Men Essentials collection. Just released, this superior collection of men's garments has been voted as excellent and awesome by the product testers. UltraSkin is designed for year-round comfort, from the office to the football field. Incredibly stylish and well designed the undergarments are almost too good to be wearing underneath other items of clothing and the fitted tee is smart enough to wear as an outer shirt for running around town or casual gatherings.</p>
<h4>TENCEL Nanofibre</h4>
<p>All of the items in the UltraSkin range are made from Nanofibre. The Tencel brand fibre used in the design of this range is sustainable nanofibre, 100% natural and made from organically certified eucalyptus wood. This means your underwear and tees will outperform any regular garment. This ultra-breathable fabric stays cool and dry and when tested with humid, wet and active conditions. The fabrics absorption force is twenty times greater than cotton or polyester which means you will never feel sweaty and uncomfortable again.</p>
<p>Tencel fabric is formed from nano capillaries, these are so small that when moisture is absorbed away from your skin into the nano-capillaries the larger bacteria cells can not access the sweat and water eliminating any resulting odour. It is these ultra-fine nanofibres that also make the fabric softer to touch than cotton, wool or even silk. And the miracle of the nano-fibre means the amazing softness of the fibre is accompanied by an unmatched strength not found in its class of fabric. It will hold its quality wash after wash and is naturally wrinkle resistant.</p>
<p>With this range, you are making an ethical and sustainable purchase, produced with the most advanced material of its kind and no sacrifices made to your comfort.</p>
<h4>Modern Underwear Trunks and Briefs</h4>
<p>With the goal to make underwear better for the modern man, UltraSkin briefs and four-inch trunks have addressed the biggest issues every man faces with his choice of underwear and focussed on the smallest detail to ensure a superior product was created. No man should have to tolerate badly designed and poorly made products and inferior quality materials. Features like the horizontal Eaze Fly, a thick no-roll waistband, lift contour pouch and ride up and wedgie resistant four-way stretch fabric means no more awkward or uncomfortable moments all day, or night long. Available in two styles and four colours.</p>
<h4>The Smart Undershirt</h4>
<p>Mass produced undershirts are synonymous with design flaws and oversights to the common problems men face when trying to find the perfect undershirt. Before any fabric was cut or stitch sewn the team at UltraSkin researched and conducted extensive testing and applied these findings bringing you the most comfortable, soft and functional undershirt ever made. The body fitting design and tapered cut remains tucked and has stretch recovery in the fabric so your undershirt is always at work to ensure your outer look is always flawless. In white, with a high V neck, it is suitable for under business attire with a tie or a button down relaxed look.</p>
<h4>Luxe Fitted Tee</h4>
<p>UltraSkin has responded to the until now the irreconcilable combination of a superior quality tee at an affordable price. UltraSkin Luxe Fitted Tee is made from ultra breathable, wrinkle resistant and fade resistant material. It has tapered sleeves and a fitted midsection with a durable rib neckband that conforms to your own neck shape and maintains the shape of the shirt for longer.</p>