VOLO Go Cordless Hair Dryer

<p>Have you ever wished to have something made? Something you knew would make life easier and better for you. Something you had no knowledge on how to make but hoped would be available to you. Well, I have; a number of times actually. Volo Beauty has made my dream come true by making the world's first infrared cordless hair dryer. Volo Go Cordless hair dryer uses infrared technology and lithium-ion batteries making it the first of it's kind, effective, convenient and of high quality drying your hair quickly and leaving it healthy.</p>
<h4>Volo Go hair dryer mechanism</h4>
<p>The infrared bulb used inside the hair dryer generates heat that dries your hair all the way through. This, in fact, reduces the amount of time your hair is subjected to heat. Other than the infrared bulb, Volo Go hair dryer has a motor, fan, and battery inside it. It comes with a charging station and has controls above the handle. There are 3 controls on the hair dryer; a Cool shot activator on the left, a power On/Off at the center and an air volume control on the right. Medium and High are the 2 options you can select from the air volume control. For specific and efficient usage, Volo Go hair dryer has two concentrator add-ons.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Once done drying your hair, the cool shot helps level your hair. The batteries inside are what enable it to be cordless and recharge at a fast rate of about 2 hours. It has an exceptional charging station that has a USB port as a bonus to enable for charging your other devices concurrently and also a small section for your ornaments. Additionally, you can swap them out to add other batteries if you need to. An LED indicator on the handle shows you how much charge is left on the Volo Go</p>
<h4>Volo Go hair dryer benefits</h4>
<li>Cordless. Since it uses rechargeable batteries, Volo Go has no need to be plugged in to operate. This makes it easily portable. It can be used wherever you are, whenever.&nbsp;</li>
<li>Infrared technology. Volo Go uses infrared heat that dries your hair evenly, is gentle and can enhance a better scalp through blood flow increase. This, in turn, leads to improved hair growth.&nbsp;</li>
<li>Energy efficient. As opposed to traditional hair dryers that use about 1800watts, Volo Go uses 600watts making it 3 times more energy efficient than ordinary hair dryers.&nbsp;</li>
<li>Saves time. Volo Go dries your hair quickly; tested and seen to be under 7 minutes. Consequently, you spend the minimum time to get your hair dry and can go about to tackle your daily tasks.&nbsp;</li>
<li>Consistency. Traditional hair dryers use convective heat which dries your hair from the outside moving in. This mechanism makes the drying process unpredictable since the heat can fail to work on some hair strands. The infrared used in Volo Go uses penetrative heat ensuring your hair is dried through and through.</li>
<p>With a three year warranty for the dryer and a year warranty for the battery, pre-order your Volo Go hair dryer and enjoy all it has to offer.</p>